Emergency water pump kit

Setting up solar panels to power the water pump
Testing the hybrid pump in the Nile river near Khor Waral camp


Many people living in Khor al Waral refugee camp in White Nile region in Sudan face water shortage due to lack of adequate water supply and poor response from other actors. During crisis, each refugee receives approximately 9 litres of water per day, which is below the MSF standards, and reflects on the medical cases MSF attends to.


The Displacement Unit prototyped and tested a kit of a hybrid pump that can be powered by multiple energy sources (i.e. wind, generator or solar power) and be used in a borehole, well or river. We produced a number of documents to guide the building and setting up of the kit and its technical specifications in order for other missions to make and use the same kit in their projects.


The emergency water pump kit was tested and used in the Nile river where water will be pumped to nearby storage tanks and bladders for further treatment before distribution to the community. The pump has an approximate flow rate of 148 cubic metres per day.