Evidence based advocacy

Training of mobile field team in Yambio, South Sudan

Device screenshot of application interface, Yambio - South Sudan


MSF missions working in conflict and remote contexts often observe the poor functioning of primary health facilities caused by delayed salaries and supplies. Even when these facilities are open and supported by international actors, they have a lack of referral capacity. In an effort to mobilize these actors to implement their support more effectively in the field, MSF needs a persistent and well-grounded advocacy.


The Displacement Unit and the mission team in South Sudan simplified and digitized the original assessment excel form provided to field teams for monitoring of health facilities. In addition, the team configured a dashboard for easy viewing of data and for easy feedback to the field teams. A mobile medical team, composed of clinical officers, lab technicians and counsellors was trained “on the job” during an assessment in Yambio. An information package about this model, the digital application and survey was prepared by the Displacement Unit for interested missions to use and share.


MSF OCBA in South Sudan has piloted an innovative approach to evidence-based advocacy by systematically capturing information about the functioning of primary healthcare facilities in remote areas using mobile devices. The Facility Assessment for Advocacy (FAfA) captures basic information about general operations in the facility, staffing and availability of essential supplies. This assessment is part of the systematic routine of mobile teams and its feasibility will be further explored in all the projects.

Collecting data at health facility, Yambio, South Sudan

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